John McAndrew "In This Hour" Stories and Songs of Healing

John McAndrew "In This Hour" Stories and Songs of Healing

John McAndrew "In This Hour" Stories and Songs of HealingJohn McAndrew "In This Hour" Stories and Songs of HealingJohn McAndrew "In This Hour" Stories and Songs of Healing

New Release


"John's new Album, "WALKIN BACK"  features some of the best musicians in the world bringing alive John's soulful voice and songwriting. It is an inspirational journey."

Press Release for "WALKIN BACK"

What others say about John's Music


“John nails it with his most fully realized album, SOULS. John is a unique storyteller whose life experiences form the bedrock of all his songs. The songs on this album are provocative and are given a perfect backdrop in a blues hued and fully orchestrated production. John has a way of capturing grace in the worst of  people’s circumstances. Standout tracks include; “Birmingham,” “ Up on River Road,” (a song I wish I’d written), the bluesy “ Only You,” and, my favorite, “Down on Lake Street.” “


Walt Quinn

Director of Industry and Community Relations

Cumberland Heights


"The greatest artists are those whose lives are their art. John IS his music - honest, tender, tough. Always an echo of the heartbeat of life. All of John's music arises out of that heartbeat. If he sings about it, it is because people have lived it. More than anything else, John's music is life, listening to itself."

Earnie Larsen, Author/Motivational Speaker


“Thanks for a wonderful evening of music and inspiration John. You have an enviable talent for connecting soulfully and meaningfully with your audience.” 

Eric Clapton- Crossroads Centre Antigua

Stories and Songs Videos-"If You Can't Forgive"

A story and song of the power and need for forgiveness.

In This Hour

Story and song about how we come to know that we are never alone, and how we need each other to heal.

"Down on Birmingham"

This song and video is featured at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute Museum in Birmingham, AL.

"Right Here With Me"

Dedicated to my Brother Paul McAndrew

Give Me New Eyes

The journey starts with seeing things differently.

Call My Name

The time comes when we hear the still small voice within, and we surrender.

God Works That Way

Based on a true story..........

Up On River Road

Holy ground, and transforming lives.

"Voice of America Radio" shows hosted by John

John interviews author DavidScheff, who wrote the bestseller, "Beautiful Boy" about his new book, "Clean" and teen drug abuse.

John interviews Dr. David Ohms MD, considered to be one of the foremost experts on the disease of addiction.

John interviews guest NAADAC Executive Director Cynthia Moreno Tuehy about her new book, "Reign in the Brain."

John interviews William Moyers of the Betty Ford/Hazelden Foundation.

Booking for Speaking and Music Performance


Contact Publicist : Lance Cowan

Contact Booking: Ed Keane at Ed Keane Associates


Phone: 617-846-0067


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Up Coming Events

Core Conference July 15-18 2018 Amelia Island, FL.

Unity of Music City Concert- Aug 4  2018-Nashville, TN  

NAADAC National Conference, Opening Ceremony -October 5 th  2018- Opening Ceremony -  Houston, TX 


Nashville Center for Spiritual Living-  Dec 16, 2019 - Nashville, TN

Onsite Workshops Concert/Talk Jan 2, 2019 Cumberland Furnace, TN

Keystone Alumni Weekend- Feb 2, 2019-Sioux Falls, SD

Onsite Workshops Concert/Talk Feb  16, 2019 Cumberland Furnace, TN

Onsite Workshops Concert/Talk  March 2, 2019 Cumberland Furnace, TN

MTAADAC Workshop, "Music and the Brain in Recovery" March 15 , 2019 Nashville, TN (see MTAADAC.ORG for details)

Palmetto Recovery Center Concert/Talk April 5-7 2019 Rayville, LA

WestBridge Family ServicesFamily Weekend-May 3-6, 2019 -  Brooksville, FL

Recovery Foundation Concert/Talk Training, University of Wisconsin-May 16-18, 2019 - Madison, WI

Speak/Perform Private Function May 24 th 2019 Nashville, TN

Speak/Perform Stillwaters Treatment Center,June 13 th 2019 Lobelville, TN

Mississippi School of Alcohol and Addiction Plenary  Talk/Performance  June 19-21 Jackson, MS

NAADAC Training W/Cynthia Tuhey MUSIC AND THE BRAIN -June 28 th, 2019- Omaha, NE

TBD July 12-26  2019

"Music and the Brain" August 16 2019 th Scarritt Bennnett Center, Nashville, TN

"Music and the Brain" Cumberland Heights August 23 rd 2019 Cookeville, TN

Journey Together Conference,  6-8 pm Concert/Talk  September 3 rd 2019 Franklin, TN

Peer Support Workshop, September 4 th 2019 Nashville, TN

WestBridge Family Services Family Weekend- September 27-29 2019 - Manchester, NH

NAADAC National Convention-Oct. 1 st 2019 Orlando, FL.

First Responders Benefit w/Ashley Cleveland TBD , NOV 2, 2019 Meridian, MS  (cancelled)


RX Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit April 16 th Nashville, TN

NCAD presenting  w/Mary Woods   July 30-31  Baltimore, MD

NCAD presenting  w/Mary Woods  Aug 17-18  Disney World Hotel Anaheim, CA      

Retreat Hazelden Renewal Center October 30-Nov 1 st   Center City, MN


Fergus Falls Performing Arts Residency/Concert Feb 12-14      Fergus Falls, MN